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PUREMIND® The Incredible Power of Immersive Healing

We’ve combined the proven power of psychotherapy with the sensory power of VR technology.
The result? A whole new approach to mental health and wellness.

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Welcome to PUREMIND®

Here at PUREMIND® we are developing game-changing psychotherapies, combining proven therapeutic techniques with leading-edge VR technologies. The result is a range of truly innovative modules that combine sensory experiences with tested psychological practices.

Using three-dimensional, computer-generated imagery viewed through head-mounted VR displays, our modules literally immerse participants in targeted audio-visual therapy sessions. Removed from distractions, they open to new, healthier habits and new ways of thinking, healing quicker and benefiting from lasting solutions.

We’ve also developed PUREMIND Diagnostic Assistant™ (PDA™), an industry-leading VR tool that assists with profiling an individual's mental health and provides recommendations to improve their wellbeing. Developed in collaboration with Monash University in Australia, it allows self-assessment against more than 40 common disorders.

And that’s not all. We’ve invented PUREMIND Serenity™, a specialized module for the hospitality industry designed to help hotel and resort guests unwind and de-stress.

At PUREMIND® we believe the possibilities of VR Therapies are limitless and the journey has only just begun. Please explore our site and see what we can do for you and your patients, clients and colleagues.

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PUREMIND® Our Science

Despite the current boom in eHealth services, the use of VR in psychotherapy is still considered novel: well known to academics and industry researchers but relatively new to mainstream medical practice.

As a result, much of the potential of VR to influence and change problematic behaviors has been explored in research and academic facilities rather than in therapeutic practice.

Not any more. Here at PUREMIND® we have not only researched VR's capacity to influence mental wellness, but developed therapies to address common mental issues, disorders and addictions; therapies that have been developed and tested in Melbourne, Australia. During our exciting product development journey, we have also partnered with Monash University, one of the leading universities in the world.

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PUREMIND Serenity™

A relaxed guest is a happy guest. Offer your guests the opportunity to unwind and relax with PUREMIND Serenity™, a unique immersive VR therapy that deeply calms the mind, eliminates stress and enhances wellness.

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PUREMIND® Products

Our products target some of the most pressing mental health issues of our time; depression, anxiety, domestic violence, weight management, alcohol abuse and smoking. We’ve also created an amazing relaxation module that is truly unlike any other. The results of our PUREMIND® VR therapies are impressive; greater levels of engagement, more effective treatments and lower rates of relapse.

Prime VR Therapy modules are our core products, comprising modules addressing a broad range of treatable psychological issues.

Booster VR Therapy modules are for people who have undertaken a primary module, but just need a bit of reinforcement to strengthen their resolve.

PUREMIND Serenity™ is our leading-edge non-clinical product designed for the hospitality industry, offering a deep de-stress for hotel and resort guests.

PUREMIND Diagnostic Assistant™ (PDA™) is a tool specifically for clinicians designed to help assess patients and determine if VR Therapy is an effective option for treatment.

PUREMIND Diagnostic Assistant (PDA)

Our PUREMIND Diagnostic Assistant™ (PDA™) is designed for use by PUREMIND® trained practitioners with patients and clients. It is a self-diagnosis tool designed to identify primary issues and potential underlying issues.

The PUREMIND Diagnostic Assistant™ questionnaire enables a fast referral to a VR module and information on the condition, making it a perfect end-to-end product for practitioners.

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